Chapter Newsletter

February, 2016, Winter Issue
Volume 01, No. 01

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1. MoneyMatters     3. Chapter Meetings    5. Resource Partner - Cal Lutheran
2. Season Pass     4. ChapterHappenings

Money Matters

Interestingly enough, most FPA members send a check off to Denver, Colorado for FPA dues without ever considering exactly how much is dispersed to help support their local chapter.   

How does your Ventura County Chapter benefit?   Once FPA gets the check, they forward a small percentage to your chosen chapter. The amount ranges from 10% to 19% depending on the amount of the payment.  It is a small sum, nowhere near enough to provide the services necessary to the membership. Some chapters augment this income by having a dues structure of their own for their members (chapter dues). Ventura County Chapter does not.

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Season Pass

 Season Pass Holders are Planners

Do you plan to save money this year? Do you plan to get the most from your trade association? Do you need to acquire CFP continuing education credits? Do you want to benefit from networking? Then a financially smart plan would be to purchase a 2016 Season Pass to the Chapters quarterly meetings. Pay one price of $100 and attend all four educational meetings - a savings of $80.00.

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Purchase your Season Pass online and start the New Year with a plan. Season Pass 2016

Chapter Meetings

Worth more than you think!

Buffet breakfast, Educational Program & CE Credits . . . . $45

Getting to meet and know your fellow chapter members, networking, sharing experiences, exchanging ideas, having fun and socializing. . . . PRICELESS!

Its the connections you make that you will value the most.


Next meeting:  Friday, February 19, 2016 at the Tower Club in Oxnard.

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Feb 19 Flyer

Quarterly Meeting Registration - FEB 19 2016

Chapter Happenings

Getting Social

We Got Social in 2015!

The chapter held two social mixers in 2015. In summer we did a T.G.I.F. WineDown at Blush Restaurant and Lounge in Santa Barbara and December we held a Thursday Shake-Up at Brendan's Irish Pub in Westlake Village. Thank you to all who joined us.

It is a great opportunity to meet and visit with your chapter leadership and network with chapter members in a relaxed, casual and fun environment. We are planning a mixer in April and June watch for more details. We hope to see more of you Sipping, Snacking and Socializing at our next event.

If you have suggestions or ideas for other social networking gatherings please contact Rachel. Cheers!



Above: T.G.I.F. WineDown at Blush in Santa Barbara



 Above: Thursday Shake-Up at Brendan's in Westlake


Resource Partner - Spotlight on California Lutheran University



 Thank you to all our Chapter Resource Partners.